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Expérience professionnelle

building an online email spam detector from scratch using machine learning

Data Scientest , Paris - Autres

De Juin 2020 à Septembre 2020

• Applied machine learning to a supervised classification problem. NLP
project as a team. Data cleaning, creation of new features. SVM models,
logistic regression and random forest

• Wrote an article for the e-learning company

• Implemented, designed and shipped to production an Email Spam
Detector Using NLP, python, css, streamlit, github and heroku

• My GitHub profile:

Formation complémentaire

Data Scientist Bootcamp

Data Scientest - 11-week-bootcamp in Data Science (~400 hours) in partnership with Sorbonne University

2020 à 2020

The data scientist bootcamp by datascientest is an intensive online and human hybrid training. Each concept being verified by a timed exam and corrected by hand by qualified data scientists.

- OOP in Python
- Data processing and cleaning: Numpy & Pandas
- Machine Learning : Scikit-learn
- Models : Logistic Regression, SVM, k-NN, Nearest Centroid, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Gradient Tree Boosting, Voting Classifier, K-Means & Hierarchical Clustering, PCA, Bagging, Boosting
- Dimensionality reduction
- Text mining : NLP, sentiment analysis, regular expressions, bag of words, wordclouds, NLKT
- Web scraping : BeautifulSoup (static method)
- Time Series Analysis : Statsmodel
- SQL : SQLAlchemy, SQLite
- NoSQL : MongoDB
- Graph Theory : NetworkX
- Deep Learning : Keras, TensorFlow, Word2vec
- Data Visualization : Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh
- Big Data : PySpark
- Reinforcement Learning
- Computer Vision: OpenCV
- Streamlit for data science web applications

Parcours officiels

AUDENCIA Nantes – Ingénieur Manager – 2018 – Double Diplôme
Centrale Nantes – Ingénieur – Mathématiques et Applications – 2018 – Ingénieur


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant

Allemand - Courant

Espagnol - Notions


Web scraping
Data mining
Probabilité et statistiques
Séries temporelles
Machine Learning

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